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Specialized Neurosciences Research Program   ( SNRP )

Funded by a grant from the National Institute of Neurological Disorder and Stroke (U54NS0430311), National Institutes of Health


Edmundo N. Kraiselburd, Ph.D.
Director, Unit of Comparative Medicine
Director, Caribbean Primate Research Center and
Director, SNRP NeuroAIDS Research Program

Dept. of Microbiology and Zoology
University of Puerto Rico - Medical Sciences Campus
PO Box 365067
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936-5067
Tel. (787) 758-2525 exts. 1324
Direct: (787) 764-4325 or 777-0079
Fax (787) 777-0078

Edmundo Kraiselburd, Ph.D.

Research Interest

Basic Research in SIV/HIV vaccines

Evaluation Studies of a DNA Vaccine Expressing SIVsm VLP: The long term objective of this research is to develop a vaccine capable of inducing protective immune responses in rhesus macaques against pathogenic simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV). For this purpose, we are evaluating the immune responses generated in macaques by different SIV DNA vaccine (Vec B7). The 1.6Kb deletion (Dpol, vif, vpr, and vpx) of SIVsmB7 provirus DNA was introduced into the SIVsmH4 DNA to construct the Vec B7 expression vector. Vec B7 expressed SIVsm gag, env and nef proteins, produced virus-like particles (VLP) in vitro, and was immunogenic in mice. This project is supported by several grants including RO1 AI 44592 from NIH (NIAID).

Caribbean Primate Research Center

  1. Caribbean Primate Research Center Program: The major goal of this project is to maintain and enhance the Caribbean Primate Research Center basic infrastructure, which is needed for the support of several biomedical research initiatives of national interest. This program is currently supported by a P40 RR03640 grant from NCRR (NIH); 09/30/05-07/31/10.$9,339,241

  2. CPRC SPF Rhesus Monkey Program: This program is currently supported by two different grants from NCRR (NIH): U42 RR016021-06A1 09/30/06-03/31/11. $4,738,220 and U24 RR18108 09/16/07-08/31/12. $10,095,226. The major goal of these projects is to develop a colony of specific pathogen-free rhesus macaques to make them available to investigators supported by NIH and by other federal programs.
NeuroAIDS Research Program

A Caribbean Project for Clinical and Basic Neuroscience Research
The major goal of this proposal is to help develop the NeuroAIDS Research Infrastructure at the UPR Medical Sciences Campus. This program is currently supported by a 3U54NS043011 grant from NINDS; 09/30/06-08/31/11. $8,403,925


1973: State University of New York at Buffalo, NY: Ph.D. Virology

1971: State University of New York at Buffalo, NY: M.S. Molecular Biology

1965: University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina: M.S. Nuclear Physics

Publications (2002-present)

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